EASSY - English for Academic and Social Success for You
PIE - Preparing for International Education

"EASSY as PIE" is a premium 10-module online course, completed in 10 days. Enquire about our "new" 14-module course extending over 5 months, with guided development throughout your 1st semester of studies.

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It’s “EASSY as PIE” provides international students with a solid foundation to:

  • participate in interactive and experiential learning to improve English communication skills
  • understand and navigate the Canadian post-secondary academic demands by providing the tools for success including how to effectively engage in online learning
  • optimize strategies for collaborative relations with classmates and professors
  • adjust and integrate into Canadian culture and its social expectations, both on and off campus
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Connect international students academically and culturally with the Canadian classroom and community


Inspire international students to develop effective presentation, communication and social skills, using technology


Empower international students to engage in group work and team building activities for academic success

The Need for Additional Support - hear what they have to say …

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Annette Chan, Philippines
Environmental Management Program, Canadore College, graduated April 2020

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David Frota, Brazil
Business Management Program, Canadore College, graduated April 2020 Project Management Program, Conestoga College, graduated April 2021

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